We all know that massage not only feels wonderful, but can help with relaxation, stress relief, circulation, improved immune system and lower blood pressure, but, did you also know that massage has a number of benefits that can positively impact the way you look? Let’s take a look a few of these benefits.

Promotes a Healthy Glow

By relaxing your muscles and other soft tissues, massage allows your blood to make its way to your skin easier, resulting in healthy skin as the capillaries fill with blood. The other benefit of this is that nutrients that are present in the blood can nourish your skin, returning it to a regenerative state that encourages the retention of moisture and replacement of old skin cells with new ones. This is what is ultimately referred to as a ‘healthy glow’.

Kicks Dead Skin Cells to the Curb

We all know that dead skin cells can make your skin appear dull and tired. The repeated resistance of massage helps to eliminate those dead skin cells, making way for new and regenerated cells. These new cells are now free to soak up essential vitamins and minerals such as in the vitoleum oils that are used at heavenandearthmassage.co.uk, which will leave your skin soft to the touch.

Helps You Get Better Sleep

We all know what a bad night’s sleep can do to our skin. Tired, sagging skin and purple bags under our eyes don’t add up to a good look. However, massage has been found to reduce insomnia and improve the quality of our sleep, which in turn can contribute to a radiant glow.

Removes Impurities

Massage increases the production of hormones from the glands, allowing your glands to empty of impurities, which are then eliminated through sweating. Built-up oils are pushed out through your pores, resulting in healthy and more youthful-looking skin.

Improves Your Hair

Anyone who has ever had a scalp massage can tell you how wonderfully relaxing it is, but did you also know that massaging your scalp also promotes hair growth by helping blood flow as well as decreasing dry scalp, itching and dandruff. The great news here is that this can be achieved in a few minutes by massaging your scalp twice a week in the shower.

Gets Rid of Cellulite

We all hate the orange peel effect that keeps popping up on our skin. The improved circulation and lymphatic drainage that results from massage is great for fighting cellulite, especially when massage is done on a regular basis.

Helps with Weight Loss

Regular massage can aid in weight loss, as improved circulation feeds a supply of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles through increased blood flow, which in turn helps the muscles to grow and burn more calories. Not only does it feel incredible, but the benefits of massage can be seen instantly after your first visit. After a massage the skin appears smoother and feels firmer. Overall, you will look and feel healthier if you make massage a regular feature in your self-care.

Being a beauty blogger can certainly come with many perks and benefits; if you’re successful at it, then you can get free beauty products, and even opportunities to work with famous beauty brands. Beauty bloggers are popular right now, and there’s certainly the chance to build an audience with thousands - or even millions - of fans. But as with any job, becoming a successful beauty blogger takes a lot of time, effort and dedication in order to succeed at what you do. You will need to plan to invest in your brand while also being able to support yourself financially as your business gets off the ground. If you’ve got a strong work ethic and a passion for beauty, read on to learn more about becoming a beauty blogger. Plan Your Strategy:
5 Fashion Basics Every Woman Should Own
Whether it’s a hot and balmy summer or a chilly, unforgiving winter, there are a few fashion basics that should have pride of place in every woman's wardrobe all year round. Some of these most important fashion must-haves are highlighted below. Always look fabulous with these top tips.

A white shirt

The crisp white shirt is set to be a massive trend in 2020. The great news is that there are so many unique ways to wear it. It, therefore, has the potential to fit in with anybody's style.

Dress it down with a well-fitted pair of jeans and pumps, or dress it up with black stovepipe trousers, sky-high heels, and a myriad of colorful accessories.

A long cardigan

A long cardigan that cascades down your body is the perfect item to throw on when the weather is a bit fresh. The longer length enhances your silhouette, complementing your body type and emphasizing your best assets. These cardigans can be found in most boutique clothing stores, as well as plus size retailers such as Froxx plus size clothing. If you are keen to keep your outfit understated, opt for a block color in a neutral shade. However, if you want to experiment with the fashion trends of 2020, you can’t go wrong with heavy, daring patterns.

Comfortable pumps

Pumps can be effortlessly paired with a host of different outfits, making them some of the most versatile types of footwear on the market. Invest in ones in a neutral color so that they match with the majority of your wardrobe, but also have a pair in a fun, quirky color. Pumps are great for the summer, however, when winter comes knocking at the door, you will want to trade them in for some winter boots so that your feet stay warm.

Well-fitted jeans

Do some research into what cut of jeans is best suited to your body type and natural shape before investing in a pair. You will want a pair of jeans that hugs all of your curves in all the right places and that fits you like a glove. It is said that you need to wiggle into your jeans; they shouldn’t be super easy to fit into so that they fit you properly. As always, denim is super trendy for 2020, with the spotlight shining on vintage looking denim, boot cut jeans, and high-waisted flared designs. Don’t be afraid to experiment with these trends to see what works for you.

A little black dress (LBD)

The Little Black Dress that you choose should be able to transition effortlessly from day to night. As such, instead of a short and trendy little number, opt for something with a high neckline and modest length. That way, you will be able to wear it with confidence to the office and sass it up with a pair of teetering high heels and stylish accessories for a night out with the girls.

So, there you have it. A few wardrobe basics that will completely transform how you dress and how you embrace fashion. If your wardrobe is lacking even one of the aforementioned items, it simply is not complete! Time to hit the stores and indulge in some retail therapy.

There is a paradox you face when raising children; it’s important for them to explore and encounter the world, yet you want to keep them from harm. It is crucial for a child to explore the surrounding environment, to develop fine motor skills, enhance their sensory abilities, to begin obtaining the basics of independence, and to develop positive curiosity towards the world. Although harm may be encountered along the way, the solution to the paradox is in allowing your child space to play and explore, while maintaining your home in a way that’s safe from germs and infections. Maintaining an infection-free environment for your child and your family can be achieved following simple steps that you can begin doing now.

Some Exposure is Useful

It is important to know that some early exposure to germs can be useful. The best example of that is a vaccine. A vaccine is simply a weaker version of a harmful cause of illness. The logic behind the vaccine is that the human body can develop immunity after a certain period of exposure to germs, as a response. Over the ages, human exposure to their natural environment of dirt, stones, wood, and animals, while having very little medications to help with sickness, demonstrates that immunity is the first line of defense. You must try not be over-protective of your child; some exposure to natural elements of the environment is natural and healthy and will develop natural resistance that will help them in the future.

Keeping The House Clean

There are multiple locations that you can keep an eye on to maintain your home germ-free. You need to regularly clean the toilet with anti-bacterial solutions. Keep in mind that germs love to grow in warm humid locations, such as your dish cleaning towel, so make sure to dry it and keep it clean. If you have a young child, they will spend much of their time on the floor. You can hire a company to do heavy-duty work. If you live in London, carpet cleaners Hammersmith based can help you with the carpets. Besides the toilet and the floor, you need to keep an eye for areas of exchange with the outside. People step on many things while walking outside that you don’t want that brought into your home – it’s good practice, therefore, to have a series of mats to wipe your feet on as you enter the home – and to clean them regularly.

Personal Care

You need to gradually teach your child the best practices for self-care. This requires you to be empathetic and to keep an understanding that your child is still learning about the world. After they learn to use the bathroom for themselves, you can gradually begin giving tips for personal care. Communication is key here. You need to talk to your child and help them understand what you are saying. You can wash your hands in front of the child a few times, or you can hold on to their hands and help them play with soap. You need to help them learn to wash their hands before eating, just as you need to wash your hands before making food. In this way, they’ll respond better to the world of germs in the future.

Giving your child an infection-free environment is about maintaining a healthy positive environment, and the tips above can help you do just that.
It's a period which brings a huge parcel of joy. Unfortunately, it's also one that is accompanied by umpteen side effects. All throughout your pregnancy your body is going to go through huge changes, but some of these can be made easier through some simple changes.

If you haven’t heard the news, having a baby sort of changes your life. Remember the days of going to the shop? This now feels like packing for a vacation. How about a full night’s sleep? Well, we all know the truths about that. Of course, those initial months are hard but, in the end, it’s completely worthwhile. In a bid to make your new postpartum life a little easier to come to terms with, we have today outlined three areas that you should hone in on. If you can do this, the impact will be terrific.

We are not going to be revealing any earth-shattering news when we say that pregnancy prompts some monumental changes for your body.

It could be said that a lot of us perhaps underestimate some of these changes though. A lot of us feel that it’s merely the shape of our yummy that changes – with the bump obviously growing bigger by the week.

In reality, it’s so much more than this, and through today’s post we will take a look at some of the more surprising areas of your body that tend to change after you give birth.

Breast fluctuations

It could be said that one of the most "headline changes", so to speak, comes with your breasts.

Contrary to popular belief, this is something that isn't consistent. During the initial months, they will increase in size. This is because they are suddenly about to become more functional, in preparation for breastfeeding.

Then, once the breastfeeding stage is over, they start to revert back to their normal size. This is usually the time where women consider a breast augmentation after enjoying a larger size for so long.

The importance of staying on top of your teeth

It can depend on where in the world you live, but on the whole the authorities are quite keen about providing free dental care to expectant mothers.

It's only when you start to see the possible impact on your oral health that the reasons become clear. For example, morning sickness is something that naturally prompts a lot of acid to enter your mouth. Over time, this can eat away at enamel, and the rest is history.

Some studies have even suggested that the more children a woman has, the more likely she was to lose teeth.

Your shoe size might change

As we have already said, most people immediately think that the main change to their bodies comes in relation to the bump. As crazy as it might sound, your feet are something else that can be affected.

There's a couple of reasons behind this, with the first related to your weight. As you are carrying additional pounds for the best part of a year, your feet actually start to flatten. Ultimately, this results in slightly larger feet.

Then, there is the hormone-factor. As you will be generating more of the hormone Relaxin, it means that your ligaments start to relax and this can again affect your shoe size.

You will have more hair

Unfortunately, this final benefit is actually short-term. However, during pregnancy you will find that you have much more hair on your head. This isn't because you are growing more hair - but the change in hormones means that you are losing less. Ultimately, it will be thicker and a lot of women really bask in this period.

Unfortunately, once you do give birth, you return to normality! It's worth mentioning that when this "normal" period does return, the hair loss can seem accelerated. However, after about six months, everything should even out again.