Pinkies Collections Loose Powder

"A lightweight and affordable loose powder perfect for everyday use."

a few days ago, while looking for a new mascara at Watsons I saw this really cute and "girly" little stall called "Pinkies Collections" and of course, I instantly fell in-love (so, gay... I knerrr.) so I have decided to look at what they have there. Although they don't have as much cosmetics to offer compared to the other brands that are there I must say that they have very promising cosmetics and one of which is this Pinkies Collections Loose Powder in the shade of Light Beige (Php 249.95).

As you can see, the packaging is really cute and dainty. The loose powder is in a twist-off-top plastic jar with a sifter (where the powder can be picked up) and a powder puff. Although the container comes with a powder puff, I still would recommend using a powder brush with this one. I dunno, maybe it just so happen that I found brushes a much better (and appropriate) tool for loose powders.

If I'm not mistaken they only have five shades for this specific product. For some, they may find this matter (limited shaded) a bit annoying but for me, it doesn't matter to me at all because I was able to find the perfect shade for me to use.

As for the texture, it's not that finely milled compared to other loose powder out there but it's not rough/ chalky either. Unfortunately, since the product don't have any description written on the box I cannot comment that much on if it has the power to control the oiliness but having used this one (and having an oily face) I can say that this one lasts quite a long time before needing to be re-applied. Smell wise, just like the other loose powders available in the market the smell of this one is very subtle, almost non-existent.

Overall, I can highly recommend this product to everyone. Aside from the fact that this is very affordable and contains 20g, this will also last for a very long time. This product is ideal for people that is looking for an affordable everyday type of powder that is light and gives a very decent coverage. If you are going to ask me if I am going to re-purchase this, my answer is YES but not anytime soon since I only have used like 15% of this product.

Pinkies Collections is available at Watsons and all leading department stores nationwide. To know more about Pinkies Collections, you may also visit them on their Facebook page.
FYI: This product is bought using my own money. All product reviews on this blog are the honest opinion of its author.

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