Ellana Minerals Lip & Cheek Gel

Ellana Minerals have been on my “must-try brands” list for a very long time now mainly because of all the great reviews local beauty bloggers are giving their products. Luckily, BDJ Team included inside the January - February box one of the brand's said to-be “best seller” product, the Ellana Minerals Lip & Cheek Gel. I have to admit though that I wasn't that excited with this product at first because I personally find lip & cheek tint pretty much a boring product. But you knerrrr, as a “beauty blogger” I thought I should also give this a try. Anyway, on to my thoughts about this lip & cheek gel. Just like the other lip & cheek tint that’s available in the market, this one is also housed in a plastic pump bottle. The packaging is just so-so in my opinion.

One of our bestsellers, the Lip & Cheek Gel gives a gorgeous, rosy glow that lasts the whole day. It delivers a sheer and beautiful no-makeup look while moisturizing your skin. It doesn't dry quickly, giving you enough time to blend it evenly on your cheeks. — ellana minerals

The shade I got is Ruby which is a super red red. While the consistency is quite thick, it actually feels very light and smooth once applied. The pigmentation is really good — at first I thought that the color will give me a clown-ish look but I was wrong. Even though its color looks very pigmented and intense, once applied on the cheeks the color that it gives actually looks very natural. And true enough that it does not dry quickly, giving you enough time to blend it evenly on your cheeks. I don’t encourage using this on the lips though especially if you have dry and cracking lips since it tends settle on that area only. As for its staying power, it is actually pretty amazing! It lasted almost the whole day on my cheeks and does not come off even when my cheeks are already starting to get oily. The product is unscented too which I think is really great!

My only concern though is that it’s a bit messy to use. Once it stains to your fingers, it is quite hard to remove. You also need to be careful as well when pumping the “pump” since it has a tendency to dispense more than what you will need. Overall, I find this lip & cheek gel really amazing! I never thought that I would end up loving something which I'm not fond of using before. The product is very affordable too! And since you’ll only need a tiny amount of this product to give your skin that very healthy, natural looking blush, I believe a bottle of this can already last you up to 6 months.


  1. Awesome product great review.

  2. Thank you for the great review~ Looks good! **

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  3. Great product and review! Looks really good, I should buy it.

  4. I love this product too! And you're right about the pump. It dispenses way more product than you need. I use the ELF small stippling brush to do the trick :)

  5. Great review. I didn't know about that product.Thank U!

  6. Im not much a fan of lip tints :( Some lip tints are mapait ksi. lol

    Awesome review and much awesome photos, love!

  7. Wow, it's pigmented. I'm in love with cheek tints before but when my fave Mistine cheek tint got discontinued I veered away from cheek tints na. I think cheek tints will become a hit this summer season, grabe ang init and this will last even after sweating a lot.