Love At First Sniff: Smitten Aromatics Candle

Lately, I have noticed that I am *slowly* starting to get more and more addicted to scented candles. I wasn't actually a fan of candles before that’s why I really don't know where my fascination with them started. I know this may sound weird or crazy to some but I personally feel like I am more productive when I am burning a scented candle beside me while working. Right now I only have six scented candles on my collection (and I want more!!!) and one of the latest one I have is this one from Smitten which is currently my favorite by the way.

The packaging is really nice and feels very natural and eco-friendly if I must say. I really like it because most or if not all of the scented candles available in the market that I see always comes in a clear glass container so seeing something housed in a silver tin like this one made me love the candle even more. As per the scent, when I asked Smitten company regarding the scent of this one that they sent me because it doesn't have its scent written on its label they told me that it’s “White Jasmine Mint” but to be honest, that’s not what smell when I burn this candle. The smell for me is more of like a “creamy floral” thing (?). I know, my mini description about this candle sounds a bit cray-cray but that’s what I smell. I may be having a hard time to describe how the smell of this candle is right now but one thing I assure you is that this candle smells totally amazing. It’s not strong which I really like and it’s very long lasting. If you are considering of getting a candle that's very soothing and can make your room smells good then consider trying this one.

Ps, I was literally sniffing this candle over and over again while typing this post. I guess that just proves how much a fan of this candle I am now. Hehe!

To know more about this Smitten candle and the other stuff that they offer (perfumes, oils etc), you may follow them on instagram @iamsmitten08 and on facebook.

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  1. woow. this looks cute :) I love how minimal their packaging is! very instagram friendly. hihihihi :)