Hitting Two Birds With One Stone

Heaven and Earth & Undressed Me Too

I could bang on about these MUA palettes and the pros and cons but I am pretty sure that by this time you guys have already read a lot of reviews about them especially since these palettes have been in the market for quite a long time now. So instead of blabbing too much about these palettes (from the packaging up to the longevity and stuff), let must just tell instead why you should consider getting any (or both!) of these neutral palettes if you haven't yet.

Usually when I go shopping online I think over and over again first before I click the checkout button but with these two, I did not feel any kind of guilt whatsoever upon checking out. For me, purchasing these palettes (bought mine from makeuphub.com.ph by the way) is like hitting two birds with one stone. Both palette contains my kind of neutral shades and then at the same time they are also very affordable. 12 gorgeous eyeshadow shades for only 400.00 Php, what more can you ask for? **laughs**

The Heaven and Earth palette (black packaging) contains 12 shimmery shades while the Undressed Me Too (white packaging) contains 8 shimmery and 3 matte shades. A lot of people people tell that the Undressed Me Too is a dupe to the Naked 2 palette but I can't speak that much about that matter since I don't own any of the Naked palette yet. However, based on the photos and swatches that I saw online, most or if not all of the shades that the Undressed Me Too palette are actually pretty similar with what the Naked 2 palette has. All shades on each palette are very pigmented especially the shimmery ones and has a very smooth and soft blendable texture that glides on with ease. For day looks I would recommend the Heaven and Earth palette even though it doesn't have matte shades but if you like something that has more variety and is versatile for creating a look that's a bit more dramatic then go with the Undressed Me Too palette. Either way, both palettes are so fantastic! I would recommend these palettes to anybody particularly a beginner looking to build their collection on a budget. I swear, these MUA palettes are so worth every single peso.


  1. Both beautiful palettes I wish I had.

  2. Oh my, what gorgeous shades!

  3. Neutral shadow palettes make me drool! I love both of these, especially since they're shimmery since I have dark eyes so the shimmer brightens them up for me.

  4. MUA palettes are excellent value for money. I've really enjoyed wearing Undress me Too and I might pick up Heaven and Earth too :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  5. The earthy colors suit in all skins! Great palettes

  6. cute shades!!!


  7. Woah! I have Heaven and Earth palette as well! They're really good, right? Cheap but really good quality.

  8. Ah, so wish we could get MUA here in Canada! Both of these look lovely :)



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  10. looks very nice indeed! i love buying makeup palettes too but rarely touch or use them as I am not that good yet at applying make up hehe nice shades too!

  11. lovely shades!! the quality looks fab swell
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  12. Wonderful palettes indeed,
    need on of those!


  13. wooow so beautiful yet sooo affordable! The shades are to die for! I love neutrals talaga! ♥♥♥

  14. I have the MUA palette and I think it is very pigmented.
    The price is amazing for the quality of it.