4 Common Diet Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Diet comes in handy when you are losing weight. You need to take it right for you to get ideal results. Unfortunately, many people tend to make many diet mistakes thus they don't lose weight as expected. Here are 4 diet mistakes made by many people and how to avoid them . . .

Skipping meals

There are some people who believe that by skipping meals such as breakfast and lunch they avoid accumulating calories. This isn't true. When you avoid a meal you tend to get hungry more. This means that you take more snacks which contain even more calories than you are trying to avoid.

The best way of going about it is taking all the three meals of the day. If possible, carry the meals with you to work. This will prevent you from getting hungry thus taking unhealthy meals.

Avoiding fats

If you have been around the weight loss arena for long you might have come across the idea that you should avoid fat for you to lose weight. It's to note that not all fat is bad for you. High density lipoprotein (HDL) is good fat and you shouldn't avoid it. The fat comes from avocado, eggs, coconut oil and fish.

To lose weight you need to avoid low density lipoproteins (LDL) also known as bad fats. These are man-made trans-fats and refined vegetable oils. They include: soybean and corn.

Being too strict

You need to be disciplined to lose weight, but you shouldn't be too strict on yourself. There are some people who are too strict on themselves to the extent that they rather go hungry than eat out. This is common in people who work outside their home area.

Avoiding food not only makes you hungry, it also makes you eat more calories than you should have eaten.

To lose weight you need to avoid worrying about the number of calories-worry about the quality of calories that you are taking. If you are out of the house, don't go hungry-choose foods that don't add a lot of calories to you.

When eating outdoors, take foods that contain healthy fats, proteins, whole grains and plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Relying on crash diets

Crash diets are all over the internet. They promise heaven, but deliver nothing. One of the features of crash diets is few calories. When you take them for a long time you train your body to metabolize calories slowly thus you have a very slow body metabolism.

When you stop taking the diets the body doesn't respond to the new foods that you are taking-it continues metabolizing calories slowly. This results to the calories getting deposited as fat. In the long run you end up doing zero work.

To lose weight safely, avoid crash diets at all costs.

article written by jovia d'zousa of ezinearticles.com / opening image via: cookieandkate.com


  1. Very informative post. Skipping meal is so bad, it littarly makes you eat double at wrong times. XOXO

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  2. Thankyou for the great post, dear! Can't believe soy bean and corn need to be avoided :( I changed my consumed carb from rice to corn.

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  5. i think that we should eat what we want ;p

  6. Very helpful tips! It's so important not to be too strict


  7. I once tried skipping meals but noted very soon this wasn't the way to go!


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