What Eyewear Should You Be Wearing?

If you have poor eyesight, whether you are shortsighted or longsighted, suffering from astigmatism, glaucoma, or just have trouble reading a book, then chances are you will have to wear a pair of spectacles. Now considered a firm fashion favorite, the choice you make regarding your glasses is as important as choosing a new hairstyle or new suit. So, what type of eyewear should you be wearing this year?

When it comes to spectacles, no style is too outlandish or too plain, too old-fashioned or too modern. The only thing you must do is choose a pair of glasses that suit your face and your coloring. This means first analyzing your face to determine which shape it is. For example, if you have a round face, all your features will be softer rather than sharp, so to add some structure to your face, your ideal spectacle shape is rectangular. If you have a square face, you want to add softness, so choose spectacles with rounder, thinner frames that are slightly wider than your cheekbones. Heart-shaped faces will look great in a classic wayfarer frame, and if you have an oval face then you are really lucky, because you can wear pretty much any shape of frame, from rectangular to completely round. However, you cannot go wrong if you opt for a frame that is slightly oversized and has a bold shape that will stand out.

Do not worry that your poor eyesight prohibits you from indulging in high-fashion spectacles, either for ordinary glasses or for sunglasses. Most optical companies are able to supply tinted prescription lenses suitable for creating sunglasses, so all you need do is choose the frame you like. There really is no need to let eye conditions get in the way of looking great in a trendy pair of specs. For example, if you suffer with cataracts, then you can have these removed with Nashville cataract surgery, a procedure that has now become routine, and then wear whatever glasses you wish.

With so many frames available, your biggest opportunity to be bang on-trend is with the color or pattern of the spectacle frames. When choosing a color or pattern, it is a good idea to consider your skin and hair color, as well as the style you feel comfortable in. For example, paler skins often suit naturally colored glasses, such as browns and greens, while darker skin tones will be complemented by bolder, even brighter shades.

You should also be careful about choosing a frame color that clashes with your eye color. Most eyes are enhanced by a frame color that is in contrast to their eye color, especially if the eyes are brown, but be careful if your eyes are blue or green, as you will need a dark contrasting color, or else a color that is the same as your eyes and in the same tonal range. Pale green eyes will not look good with lime green frames, for instance.

Always consider your own coloring in terms of hair, skin and the makeup you habitually use, when choosing a pair of glasses, to ensure you end up with a pair that show off your best facial features rather than obscuring them.


  1. This is some really chic inspiration, thanks for sharing!

  2. Glasses are more important in this moment a nerd style is very cool

  3. Glasses are more important in this moment a nerd style is very cool

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  6. I think I have finally found my perfect pair of glasses but it was a long search!


  7. Lovely post. I allways consider my skin color while buying frames :)

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  8. I'm using contact lenses whenever I go out or when I'm in school but when I'm at home, I'm using my glasses. I want to change my frames and this one's a nice recommendation :)

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