Summer Sunglasses Trends: From Traditional to Edgy Designs

It’s already the middle of summer and by now you should already have a clear summer style in mind. One thing is sure; sunglasses are going to be the star accessory this season. Although many people choose modern and trendy models, there are many other that prefer traditional and classical cuts and color palettes. Why change if some classical models come back every season?

A great styling tip to choosing the best sunnies is to evaluate how the frames suit your face. This is an essential feature to consider when finding the best shades. Face, eyebrows, ears have a lot to say. For instance, small sized heads are better suited to small lenses while round faces look best with geometric frames which contrast the curves.

Geometric sunglasses are one of the latest trends this summer featuring impossible shapes and original architectures. As well as these shapes, oversized lenses are making a comeback because it is essential to be able to cover your face from the harmful sunrays.

Lovers of classical and traditional styles do not be afraid; Wayfarer, Clubmaster and cat-eye are still fashionable this season. Sometimes it is best to go back to basics to show off your natural style.

Sunglasses showcase our personal style and beauty; therefore it is important to choose the model that best broadcasts our personality. If you know what you want to convey with your sunglasses, choosing the perfect pair will be much easier.

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This post is in collaboration with Sunglasses Maniac.


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