Bobbi Brown City Collection Eye & Cheek Palette for Fall 2016

Bobbi Brown's collection of limited edition palettes celebrating three iconic fashion cities — New York, London, and Paris — all in a collectible mirrored compact with an illustration by renowned artist Richard Haines is now available at Neiman Marcus!

Price and Availability

Now online at Neiman Marcus / $65.00

Bobbi Brown City Collection Eye & Cheek Palette

NEW YORK PALETTE — Inspired by New Yorkers' cool, effortless style, the New York Palette features four nude shadows in matte and metallic finishes and the perfect natural blush shade.

Since launching her brand in New York, Bobbi has become synonymous with the nude makeup look. The New York Palette makes it easy to achieve with four neutral shadows and a natural, just-pinched shade of blush.

LONDON PALETTE — Inspired by Londoners' sophisticated style, the London Palette features warm nude and rich navy shadows and a flattering, peachy-pink blush.

It's no secret that Bobbi loves London, and that city's fashionable approach to the nude look. The London Palette makes it easy to achieve with three nude shadows and a rich navy liner shade, plus a peachy, naturally flushed blush.

PARIS PALETTE — Inspired by Parisians' effortlessly chic style, the Paris Palette features four shadows in nude and deep gray shades plus the perfect, fresh shade of blush.

Polished and a little undone, the Parisian look is simple to achieve and always sexy. The Paris Palette has everything you need to get it, including a nude base shadow, two edgier metallic and shimmer-infused shadows and fresh shade of blush for a naturally flushed cheek.


  1. Great review sweetheart...thx for sharing!

  2. I need PARIS PALETTE!!!! Wow!

  3. I think it's great.
    But for Brasil is too expensive!
    But it seems beautiful!

    Hugs from Brazil

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  4. It looks expensive but love the color combo.

  5. These are so cute! I love the colors too! Thank you for the review!

  6. Thank you for your compliment =)

    I like Bobbi Brown a lot, this looks really cool =)

  7. Hello, I love the packaging so much. Have a nice day. Best regards Jana from Magische Farbwelt

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  9. they look so cute and compact :)

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