Microblading: The Newest Trend in Permanent Make Up

If you thought that Microblading was something to do with adrenalin-pumping sporting activities then you would be very wrong! Microblading is the newest trend in permanent makeup that is taking the cosmetic world by storm. Find out more about it here and how it can make your brows look fantastic.

What is microblading?

Microblading is sometimes described as ‘eyebrow embroidery’. Semi-permanent, a very fine needle (blade) inserts pigment under the skin. Prices vary from £200 to £700. Unlike other forms of cosmetic brow treatments, microblading creates fine, crisp lines, giving a very natural look.

Whatever shape you like your brows to be, you can enhance them without having to spend ages every day applying expensive makeup. The final look is waterproof and won’t rub off so you can look good 24/7. Whether your brows are too fair, over-plucked, badly shaped or have disappeared due to cancer treatments or alopecia, microblading is a great solution.

Choose Carefully

Take your time to choose the right microblading specialist to suit you. Don’t just focus on the cheapest price. They need to be trained, fully experienced and have full knowledge of this fine art. Most of all, they have to be professional. Look out for attention to hygience, an artistic flair, a good eye for detail and someone with a huge clientele. If they are always busy, that is a very good sign! By opting for the most professional microblading technician that you can find, you will benefit so much more from the treatment. Your eyebrows will be the best colour and shape and match your skin tone, hair and lifestyle. With brows shaped to match your face, you are guaranteed fantastic results.

So how is the microblading process carried out?

It may sound painful, but it isn’t. Don’t confuse it with eyebrow tattooing. You will not experience any soreness after the treatment and you will be immediately ready to show your new face to the world. There is no down time and no waiting for red areas to calm down. Most clients experience zero or minimal discomfort during the process. Your technician will carefully implant chosen pigment shallowly under the skin, which is why it is considered semi-permanent. Microblading lasts for up to 2 years with a touch-up required each year to refresh the colour. Don’t worry if the colour fades a little; as your skin and hair change with age, it will look most natural. You can also change the tone to suit what is fashionable at the time.

After your first treatment, your beautician will ask you to return for a re-touch in 4 – 12 weeks in order to complete the work and darken the colour, if needed.

Source: Sandra Opul Permanent Makeup


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