Hidden Beauty Tips – Should Massage Be Part of Your Beauty Routine?

Massage is a technique that involves working and acting on the body with pressure. It can be applied by using elbows, fingers, feet, knees, forearm and a massage device. Mostly it is used to promote wellbeing and relaxation, particularly if you have sore muscles or posture problems.

What a lot of people don’t know though, is that massage can have a really positive effect on your appearance. it can save you much money spent on beauty in the end. Read this write-up and get to know why.

Healthy hair

The health and the vitality of our scalp are the core foundation for healthy hair and growth. Massage provides tremendous beauty advantages, beyond relieving stress and improving one's health. Massaging your scalp for some few minutes during shower enhances efficient flow of blood which reduces the possibility of dandruff growth and enhances hair growth. Max from Crear by Max responded ‘People worry so much about the conditioner they use and so on (and that matters) but I think people really underestimate how much of an impact a good scalp massage can have on hair quality’.

Fight cellulite

Massage helps in preventing cellulite. Massage eliminates lymphatic build-up, thus reducing the chances of having cellulite as well as improving and enhancing oxygen-rich blood to circulate on your skin cells.

Enhance right skin tone and texture

Massage increases lymphatic drainage as well as stimulating blood flow in the body which helps in the elimination of toxic wastes from our bodies. This helps in the creation of abundant space for nutrient absorption. Improved blood circulation means improved detox that enhances the skin tone and texture. Gentle and regular kneading ensures that your face appears healthy and radiant.

Enhance weight loss

According to Colleen O’Conner, a massage therapist, massage increases the recovery from Gym activities. Efficient supply of blood to all parts of the body replenishes the muscles with nutrients which are essential for muscle recovery & rebuilding and this results to the burning of more calories.

Improved sleep

For those experiencing sleeping difficulties, massage can be a good remedy for you. Massage promises a good night sleep due to good blood circulation and a mind free from stress. 

Cut down on migraines

If you experience repeated headaches, it is high time that you considered a massage. University of Auckland researchers found that migraine patients who received massage sessions experienced restful nights and fewer cases of headaches after receiving massage for a couple of weeks.

Help to fight cancer side effects

Boston researchers found out that metastatic cancer patients experienced better sleep, improved quality of life and less pain especially after receiving massage sessions. It is also proven that massage aids in fighting symptoms such as depression, pain, fatigue, nausea and stress in cancer patients. 


  1. i love massages. i got to a spa like once every two months to get a relaxing massage and I just feel like a whole new person after ;)

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  6. Definitely massages are wonderful and produce very good effects on skin and hair, thanks for these tips.