Velour Silk Lashes Holiday 2016 Edition Lash Book

Velour Lashes' limited-edition set of 15 luxurious, natural-looking, 100 percent silk lashes that last over 20 applications per lash for holiday 2016 is now available online at Sephora!

Price and Availability

Now online at Sephora; $300.00 ($372.00 value)

Product Description

Silken to perfection, skillfully crafted, and carefully chosen, the Velour Lashes’ Holiday Edition Lash Book will leave you looking glamourous all season. This collection includes the popular Fluff’n Thick Collection, which covers all volume ranges (glamourous, full, and natural). Paired with the quick drying, Rose Scented Glue and the included step-by-step guide on choosing the perfect pair, your lashes will look gorgeous and ready for any holiday occasion. This book includes a step-by-step guide on how to choose the perfect lash for every event.

This Set Contains

- Silk Lashes in Fluff'n Thick, Fluff'n Cool, Fluff'n Whispie, Fluff'n Edgy, Fluff'n Dolled Up, Trust Me, Try It, Strut It!, Momma Knows Best, Flarey Godmom, Whispie Business, Charlotte's Web, Full Of It, The Perfect Fan, Another Shot of Whispie, My Life's Complete
- Rose Scented White Latex Glue
- Step-by-step guide

opening image via @velourlashesofficial