Nail Art That’s Making Us Swoon

From the minimalist French manicure to the most intricate designs on nails, nail art is extremely popular and isn’t going anywhere for years to come. For many people, ‘done’ nails come with a feeling of being entirely ready. While un-lacquered nails may look dull, even a simple clear coat on them can make your hands transform. It is rather uncanny but I feel my best in a little bit of makeup and a French manicure- it’s me, just a little better.

Recently I have found some cute nail art trends I have loved. Try them on and you might end up falling in love with your hands too!

1. Stripes

Stripes are the way to go if you want to try something a little less ‘out-there’. Use a pastel coloured paint to make a horizontal or vertical stripe on your nails, you can choose to go symmetrical or spice things up by mixing up the directions of the stripes. Make sure to cover everything with a clear coat before you go waving your stripes around.

2. Bingo Balls

Painted bingo balls are perfect for your nails if you share your current obsession with millions of people- online bingo. Don’t know what the obsession is about? We’ve got you covered; click here to get more information at Paint your nail with light coloured nail paint and paint small balls on them in another colour. Now write on your lucky numbers on these balls and put on a clear coat to secure your luck with them. This look might be the best to opt for if you are going out on a bingo night with some friends or inviting them over for one in the comfort of your home! So go on and grab some colours for your nails to make them look ‘just perfect’!


  1. OMG, I love it. I am not a big fan of nail arts, I prefer to use only the nail polish, but this one on the pic is absolutely gorgeous ♥

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