PAT McGRATH MatteTrance Lipstick Swatches (All Shades!)

PAT McGRATH MatteTrance Lipstick Swatches (All Shades!)
Hello, friends! Here are the swatches of all the lipsticks from the new PAT McGRATH LABS MatteTrance Everything Kit – a nine-piece set of richly pigmented, MatteTrance Lipsticks that glide on a lightweight veil of opaque color for a modern, matte finish.

Price and Availability

Now online at Sephora; $275.00 ($342.00 value)

Product Description

MatteTrance is a richly pigmented lipstick with a sensually creamy, powerful pigment that evokes screen siren glamour with every application. Each shade is presented like a jewel in a black-lacquered couture case fashioned with a sensually surrealist golden lip that’s destined to be a cult-status collectable.

Get entrancing color that satisfies with supreme hydration and opulent matte opacity. Flaunt this richly pigmented formulation, cloaking lips in a lightweight veil of rich color. It’s infused with optical diffusers that blur the appearance of imperfections, combined with a blend of polymers to provide flexibility and adherence. An advanced formulation of spherical particles ensure a creamy soft texture for the smoothest film of color. Each shade is enmeshed in a powder film combined with saturated pigment for lightweight opaque coverage. This lipstick lays down a high impact with a strong finish.

PAT McGRATH LABS MatteTrance Everything Kit Swatches

Omi 107 - mid-tone rose
1995 108 - warm light nude
Flesh 3 109 - brown rose
Elson 003 - blue red
Obsessed! 211 - bright orange red
Full Panic 005 - bright fuchsia
Antidote 207 - magenta violet
McMenamy 200 - deep burgundy
Deep Void 210 - deep blackened purple

PAT McGRATH MatteTrance Lipstick Swatches (All Shades!)

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  1. My word, the top image is so pretty!

    Almost Stylish

  2. Marvelous pruple shade ! All these colors look amazing ! Kisses :)