10+ Cute Crochet Braids For You

10+ Cute Crochet Braids For You
Crochet braids are hair extensions, which provide a diversity of styles due to their simplicity and beauty. They are worn by fans of protective hairstyles, who have thin hair or don’t want to expose locks to a negative influence of external environment.

They are especially relevant for teenagers, who are open to experiments, but in the meantime, want to protect natural locks and leave them healthy.

Here are some facts about the types of crochet braids and hairstyle ideas for you to get inspired.

Types Of Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are also known as latch hook braids. They are a win-win option for many girls as they are easy to style, easy to remove and they protect natural strands. There several types of crochet braids you may choose here http://thehairstyledaily.com/50-trendy-crochet-braids-hairstyles/:

Curly or wavy crochet braids

Soft or edgy curls, which frame the face, always look appealing. They may be large or small, volumetric or flat. A basic pattern, which consists of cornrows, is perfect for this style.


Large or small twists need less styling and they offer more options: they may be colorful, with accessories, be short and styled in a ponytail, swept to the side or left loose. It is up to you to choose the most flattering variant.

Crochet braids with cornrows

Sometimes it is a good idea to leave your cornrows exposed. You may have one side braided and another may be covered with small ringlets. It will give a daring, yet a feminine look.

Straight crochet braid hair

If you don’t like curly hair, then you may go for smooth and sleek long strands. They are universal because you may have them curled if you are tired of straight locks or get them cut and refresh the look with a short bob. Also, you may go for large and soft waves. It may be a variant for the prom.

Colorful braids

If you want to experiment and stand out among your classmates, then make your braids colorful. You can wear thin plaits or braids of a medium thickness and have them dyed in any color. Gather strands on one side and fix them with pins to make the look sophisticated. Or wear them loose with a distinct side part.

Afro crochet braids

If you want your hair to look extremely natural, then Afro crochet braids should be your go-to style. You can make them short or long, wear them with or without bangs and add volume if you need it.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you to create a sophisticated look!

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