Bridal Beauty - 4 Sweet & Simple Nail Trends

Bridal Beauty - 4 Sweet & Simple Nail Trends
This has been an exciting year for the Nail Industry! Like in all types of beauty, trends come and go. Usually, the trend will deal mainly with the shape and length of the fingernail. You will see this as you browse through wedding photographs. A photograph of the bride’s and groom’s hands are always included. You can almost date the wedding year by the shape and style of the bride’s nails.

In the past couple of years, gel nail kits that you can use at home have evolved to the point of any woman being able to give herself a professional-looking manicure. Before these kits became so easy to use and effective, many women spent money to get acrylic nails applied at a salon.

As the fingernail grew, she would have to go back to the salon for a fill-in to keep her nails looking natural. Removal of the nails is no fun process and, the process sometimes damages the nails. This could cause infection and pain. It also left her with ugly nails until they healed.

Gel Nails For The Bridal Party

For the price of having one manicure and acrylic nail set put on and maintenance for a month, you can purchase a Gel Nail Kit. Most kits come with a UV light, a selection of manicure colors, and the pads to remove the color when you want to change it. The entire process takes minutes, and your nails look professionally done. The color will stay for about 2-weeks. The trends we are going to share with you use a few additional items. These items, as well as different color choices and can be listed on your Target Wedding Registry - Blueprint Registry.

This is a great gift that will be a fun addition to the wedding preparations and will save you a lot of money.

Trend One - French/Glitter

This trend takes the French manicure to a whole new level. You will apply your gel base coat. The next step it to apply a light shade of pink or natural gel polish. Finally, you will apply gold glitter polish just along the tip (where the traditional white line goes for the French manicure). A quick top coat and you are finished, This is a smashing success with brides who want just a hint of glitter, but not too much.

Note: as the instructions will explain, you will place your nails under the UV lights for 30 seconds after the base coat, the color coat, and the top coat. Depending on the type of gel polish you use, you may need to wipe the finished nails with a little alcohol on a cotton ball to remove the oily film that will coat the nail.

Trend 2 - Glam Ring Finger

There are two styles trending the nail industry right now. One is a natural look. The nail polish is blush or nude with minimal shine. The second is far to the other end of the spectrum. It is for bold color with lots of glitter.

This has presented a challenge to the stylish bride, but the solution is here. Do the entire manicure in natural colors, with a minimal and natural length. Except, for the ring finger. On the third finger of the left hand, glam that nail with silver glitter polish and a high shine. The final look is stunning and is especially pretty when the lace sleeve of the bridal gown extends to the hand.

Trend 3 - Matt pink

This is one step above the natural look. Choose a barely pink flat gel color. The color should be as close to the color of your natural nail as possible but not transparent. The result is a flat polish that you have to look twice at to see. Note: It is very rare to chip a gel nail, but it can happen. Make sure you take your polish and light with you in your bridal gear. A chip is an easy fix with a touch of the color and the light to set it.

Trend 4 - Nail art - Tattoo

Nail art is very big right now. But to have a professional artist hand paint a design on your nails is time-consuming and costly. However, head to your beauty supplier and purchase press on nail tattoos. After you have done your nails, you simply press the tape to the dry nail. Press firmly and then peel away the film. The design will stay put.

You can do one or all your fingernails, but it looks nicer if you don’t overdo it for the wedding. You want your manicure to be seen.

As 2018 begins, we cannot wait to see what new things the gel experts will be showing us. But we will all be watching. Gel Nail Kits have revolutionized the market!