Postpartum fixes: How to combat the most common

It's a period which brings a huge parcel of joy. Unfortunately, it's also one that is accompanied by umpteen side effects. All throughout your pregnancy your body is going to go through huge changes, but some of these can be made easier through some simple changes.

Through today's post we will now look at four common issues, before diving into some of the "fixes" you can implement to stay on top of them. Some of these fixes won't eradicate the effects completely - but it can help you adapt a little more.

Fix #1 - Your body
Like it or not, your body is going to change. Furthermore, your lack of time means that it's very unlikely you'll be able to sweat it out at the gym to get over it.

Of course, you can try and fine-tune your diet and get to the gym whenever your new-look schedule allows. Don't be afraid to turn to something like a mommy makeover though - which has become a lot more popular over the years as new moms bid to get their old body back.

Fix #2 - The leaks
It's not a nice subject, but this is a period where you might leak (or, medically speaking, suffer from urinary incontinence). This mainly occurs because your perineal muscles have weakened, meaning that any sudden movement such as a laugh or sneeze can have interesting effects!

The best advice you can follow is to strengthen said muscles. Kegel exercises are some of the most important you can turn to - and are really easy to do.

Fix #3 - C-section soreness
If you have undergone a C-section, it will not come as a surprise to read that there are other side effects you have to contend with. Soreness obviously falls into this category - and this is a difficult one to look after.

In short, time is the best healer. However, as soon as you can walk, try and get up and about as much as possible. Don't overdo it - but this sort of exercise can help to reduce the risk of blood clots occurring.

Fix #4 - The bleeding
A lot of this article has focussed on some of the less attractive elements of giving birth, and unfortunately this final point hones in on another.

This time, it's about the bleeding. Periods may have been a thing of the past for the best part of the last year, but they are back with a vengeance this time around.

Well, strictly speaking it's not a period, but discharge going by the name of Lochia. Put simply, this is everything that is left over from your uterus, meaning that there is a lot of blood.

Unfortunately, this is part and parcel of giving birth. The only advice we can give relates to having sufficient pads, but also breastfeeding. It has been found that the latter is able to suppress the blood flow for this, which can obviously help monumentally.


  1. I gave naturally, and yes, I had a hard time getting up too. Also, the bleeding, I wasn't prepared for that!

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  2. If you have undergone a C-section, it will not come as a surprise to read that there are other side effects you have to contend with. Soreness obviously falls into this category - and this is a difficult one to look after.
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  3. I'm thinking about having another one and had completely forgotten about all these "wonderful" things that happen postpartum

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