Four meaningful jewellery gift ideas for Christmas

With Christmas Day fast approaching, you’re probably wondering what to buy as a gift for the ones you love and hold dearest. While socks and body lotion make for great gifts and are no doubt appreciated by the recipient; there might be a special someone to whom you want to give a special gift. Jewellery is always a good option in these situations. The owner can wear the jewellery throughout their lives without going out of style, with it eventually being passed down the generations as an heirloom piece. To give you some ideas, here are four meaningful jewellery pieces you could gift this Christmas.

Crucifix necklace

With Christmas having its origins in a Christian festival, a crucifix necklace could be a special gift for someone going on their own faith journey. Owning faith-based jewellery can help the wearer feel grounded and connected to their faith, particularly if they are going through a difficult period in their life. Crucifixes come in a variety of styles to suit all tastes and, as such, are a unisex piece of jewellery. Whether you choose yellow gold or silver, a minimalist or ornate cross, there is a crucifix necklace to suit everyone.

Mala beads

Mala beads are spiritual necklaces made up of 108 beads that are used to support meditation and ward off negative energy. Like prayer beads such as the rosary, mala beads are popular tools for those following a yogic lifestyle; thus, they make a great gift for the yoga enthusiast in your life. Mala beads can be made from a variety of different stones to help support the specific needs of the user; for instance, rudraksha and clear quartz are used to enhance spiritual development. Visit to find out more about mala beads and their origins.


An elegant watch can make a great gift for anyone, regardless of age, taste, or gender. As well as being a timeless piece of jewellery to complete any outfit, they are also extremely useful. The wearer has a classy way of telling the time rather than pulling their phone out. If the person you are buying the watch has an extravagant, glamourous style, look for a chunky watch in gold or silver-toned metal. Or, if they would prefer something more minimalistic and understated, choose a watch with a small face and a slim leather strap.

Heirloom jewellery

The final meaningful jewellery idea on this list is one that you will not necessarily have to buy. If you have a piece of heirloom jewellery that has been passed down through the generations, now might be the time to pass it along to your own child or grandchild. Your daughter might love the bracelet you were given on your eighteenth birthday, and your son might be delighted by his grandfather’s pocket watch, for instance. Alternatively, you could gift a new piece of heirloom jewellery, such as a charm bracelet whereby a new charm is gifted and added every following Christmas and birthday.


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