4 Great Ways to Spend Your Summer

The summer feels like it’s just brimming on the horizon, longer nights, better weather, and lazy days in the sunshine ahead, but what are YOU planning to do this summer to make it the best one yet?

The Summertime Blues?

For many people, the summertime comes like a double-edged sword; the promise of longer nights and great weather comes tinged with the realization of needing to earn some money and ‘do’ something with your time.

It can be a hard one to balance, and you definitely don’t want to waste all of your summers stuck behind a kiosk working some soul-destroying job, but equally, you don’t want September to roll around, and you wonder what you did with the best months of the year either.

Here’s a list of four things that you can do with your summer that will leave you with a sense of achievement come fall and hopefully give you some amazing memories to share with friends and family for years to come.

Work at a Summer Camp

If you thought spending your summer working was a bad idea, consider a summer camp holiday job a whole new kettle of fish!

Working at a summer camp is good fun; you get to meet kids your age from all over the world, and many camps will help you organize your experience so that you can get the best out of it.

If you fancy giving a summer camp in a different country a go, you may want to try camp Canada, from USA Summer Camp, as an alternative to staying within the US.

Travel Around Europe

Feel like getting off of the Americas altogether? Instead, head over to Europe and do a cheap rail tour around some of the most interesting countries on earth. From the romantic Eiffel Tower in France, past the gleaming palaces of Versailles and through Rome to the Vatican City, it’s all go in Europe, and you won’t be disappointed.

Work on Some New Skills

If you’re going to be stuck at home for the summer rather than out on an epic adventure, why not take the time to build up your skillset?

Improve your skills that employers are looking to hire, especially in computer literacy and languages. Companies like the International Careers School can help you do short courses to qualify and get some recognition for your newfound skills.

Learn to Grow a Garden

While building career-focused skills is a great idea for anyone just starting out in their career, if you’re looking for a quieter life, you may want to think about learning to grow a garden.

This is definitely a soft skill and one that probably won’t come in handy for many jobs (unless you’re looking for a job as a gardener, of course), but learning to grow a garden is a valuable life skill that will give you an enormous sense of self-satisfaction.

You could also grow enough food to supplement your family’s food intake too, what a bonus!


  1. I loved living in Europe during the summer months.


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