Staying Positive During Cancer Treatment

Getting diagnosed with cancer is devastating and can cause a flood of emotions and distress. Coming to terms with cancer can take time and starting treatment is scary and unsettling. If you are starting a course of chemotherapy, how can you stay positive?

It is ok to be scared

Adopting a positive mindset does not mean you have to be strong all the time. It is ok to grieve the loss of your good health and there is no shame in crying and feeling vulnerable. Spend some time with a supportive friend, talk and cry if you need to. Crying is the bodies way of dealing with emotional distress and when faced with a life-threatening illness, it is natural to be fearful.

Seek support

A good support network is vital when facing cancer. Seek out friends you know will listen and provide a helping hand when needed. Stay away from toxic relationships or friends who are not helpful. Remember that loyal and caring friends want to help and probably do not know the best way to at a time like this. Asking for assistance physically or just to be there to listen, will give you the help that you need when you need it.

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Limit technology

In a world where most people own a smart device, it is easy to get instant information and no end of online resources to gain knowledge or find people going through similar experiences. Whilst this can be helpful, it is important you do not get overwhelmed by reading about cancer sufferers or engaging with others online too much. The internet is full of good and bad experiences and researching can easily be counterproductive and make you feel worse. Staying positive is essential, so look at the things and talk to the people that make you happy and ignore the rest.


Never will there be a time again when self-care is more important. The body goes through physical trauma when battling cancer so it is crucial to find ways to look after yourself so your body can fight the disease. When undergoing treatment do not overexert yourself, slow down and practice calming activities such as meditation, mindfulness or reading. It will also help your mind stay focused and avoid overthinking and extreme worrying about the disease.

Eating nutritious food will help give your body the best chance of survival however it can be tricky to cook meals when you feel sick. Ask a family member to help or cook some meals and freeze them in between treatments so they are ready when you need them the most. Exercise outside a little if you can and be sure to spend time with those you love. This will help you stay positive and hopeful and incorporate some normality into your experience.

Living with cancer is challenging, but it is possible to be strong and fight back and look forward to a long and happy future.


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