How To Ensure The Bride Spends Quality Time With Her Father On Her Wedding Day

If you, or one of your friends, is due to get married next year, hopefully they are lucky enough to have their beloved father present and able to walk down the aisle with you to your fiancé on your special day.

However, with all the excitement, nerves and emotions surrounding the bride on her big day, not to mention the photographs, the cutting of the cake and all the other events the bride is expected to participate in, it is not surprising that some brides are unable to spend the quality time with their father on their wedding day that both them and their father would like.

Here, for your reading pleasure, is how to ensure the bride spends quality time with her father on her wedding day.

Plan For 5 Special Minutes Together

Before the arrival of the evening wedding guests prearrange with your father and your father alone that you are both going to take five minutes away from the rest of the wedding party, that’s if you can tear yourself away from your new husband or wife!

Without cameras or phone, spend a treasured few minutes taking a walk around the grounds of the hotel or location where you are getting married and even plan an adventure that you are both going to do together after you return from your honeymoon.

Hire A Beautiful Wedding Car

Instead of travelling to the church with your fellow bridesmaids in tow, it is British tradition to make your way to the church and your new life as a wife with your father.

There are obviously a multitude of ways in which you can get to the church ‘on time’, but hiring a vintage wedding car is simultaneously a stunningly spectacular and beautiful way to arrive but at the same time an incredible, once in a lifetime memory to make with you and your father. Visit a prestigious, established and professional vintage wedding car hire company, such as and browse the selection of incredibly stunning and authentic wedding cars available.

Involve Your Father In More Than Just His Speech

Depending entirely on the personality and skillset of your dad, there are a range of extra jobs, some sentimental and light-hearted and others more practical and hands-on that you can task him with for the preparation for your big day.

Whether you have beautiful handmade bunting or specific table decorations and ornaments to affix to the reception venue, or logistics that need to be carried out meticulously and you can trust your father to complete.

Other ways to involve your father in more than just the preparation and performance of his father of the bride speech include playing to his individual and specific strengths and likes when wedding planning, devote the something ‘old’ element to an item that he either gave you as a child or he owns and include him in the order of service.

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