ELF Studio Bronzer in Golden

"The ELF Studio Bronzer is known as one of the most versatile product of ELF as aside from being a bronzer, this can also be used as a blusher as well as an eyeshadow and highlighter."

This bronzer comes in three different shades called warm, cool and golden. The shade that I purchase is Golden, (I was supposed to get two shades but unfortunately when I went to the nearest department store golden is the only shade that they have). which is the lightest shade in this line.

The packaging of this ELF product for me is really impressive and a lot better than regular line. The black matte compact (which reminds me of NARS) made the product look really chic and high-end. It also have a pretty large mirror which is perfect for re-touching.

Each shade is very pigmented so even if you only apply a small amount on your face you can already see it's shimmery glow but it's also a little bit prone to fall out so instead of swirling the brush around the pan, just tap it instead. Being the lightest shade in the three variants, I actually do not consider it as a bronzer but rather a higlighter. As for the texture, the powder is not extremely fine but it's soft and blendable. The staying power of this one is pretty good, commendable considering its price. It can last for like about 4-5 hours if you have dry/normal skin but if you have an oily skin the this one needs to be retouched a bit more often.

Anyway, just so you know, this shade is not the "all-over-the-face type of bronzer" as it is quite shimmery but it definitely will work perfectly on highlighting areas like cheeks and collarbones.

Overall, for it's price which is P249.50, this bronzer highlighter palette is totally worth your money. The product can do the trick without breaking the bank. I recommend this ELF product for people who wants to have a "healthy glow" on their face and to those who are into versatile products as this can also be used as a blusher, highlighter and an eyeshadow. But I suggest that instead of getting this shade, just go with the warm/ cool palette as they are darker and much visible once applied.
FYI: This product is bought using my own money. All product reviews on this blog are the honest opinion of its author.

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