How to Dress for a First Date

We all have those moments where we claim to have nothing to wear. The first date is most definitely one of those situations. Of course, you want to present yourself as your best you that's why in this post I am going to share some simple tips to consider when it comes to choosing what kind of outfit to choose on your first date.

Dress For The Occasion - This is the first time you are meeting this person, you want to put your best self forward. Dress up for the occasion. It’s not very often in this day in age that the occasion arises. You don't to be under or over dressed, consider what you would wear if were going with a couple of girlfriends. You want to feel comfortable in what you are wearing, so choose something that makes you exude confidence.

Ditch Trends - You don't always have to follow trends, sounds crazy but true. I know you are dying to wear that new dress but most guys don't appreciate or understand trends so just save it for a girl’s night out instead. Opt for something simple, this is where the staples in your closet come in handy.

No Low Blows - Avoid strapless, low cut collars and spaghetti straps. Basically avoid clothing that you don’t feel comfortable in and will spend the night double checking. You may not agree with this tip but it will insure that you aren't fiddling with your clothes the whole evening, therefore focusing your attention on the conversation. You also don't want to distract him.

No Face Paint - Please, for God's sake do not go overboard with the makeup. Too much makeup will make you look like you are wearing a mask and this is something that guys are not fond of. They want to see your face not face paint. Your usual makeup routine is what you know best so stick to it. Remember, you are beautiful, all you need is some confidence to help that beauty shine.

Comfort Is Key - This is the most important tip. Comfort trumps trends all the time. You should never wear something that you don't feel comfortable in, specifically on a first date. You want to come across feeling very confident and uncomfortable clothes will not assist you in doing this. Confidence is always sexy (remember that!). You need to be realistic about your body shape. You want to accentuate your assets and fit in all the right places. Go comfort in the physical sense but also in a personality sense. You want your clothing to suit you perfectly.

You can visit a local area formal wear shop to find the perfect dress before your date but please do make sure you visit your dress shop at least a few weeks before the event to make sure you have time to find the perfect gown. Also ensure that you order the appropriate size. Never order something too small or too large. As a woman, it can be easy to feel bad if you wear a large size. Instead, consider how flattering you'll look wearing something that fits you properly.

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But if you don't find something locally, always keep in mind that you can shop evening dresses at This will offer you a relaxed way to look for something stylish, flattering and formal but on your own time.

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  8. Your tips are the best, very often you're girls are wearing something that they don't feel comfortable in. But it's better to wear a slightly less astonishing dress then one that doesn't make you feel good. People will notice that right away!

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  14. great tips! and I like that everything should be on simple and comfortable set-up, makes me not afraid to go on date

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