Weekend Beauty Reading #06

"seven links curated by Beauty Editer's Kenny Manalad featuring beauty tutorials, news and photography worth visiting for a leisurely weekend."

Why Red Is the Statement Hair Color of the Summer - From Edie Campbell's tawny ginger to Kristen Stewart’s flaming hue, red is the statement hair color of the summer. After all, no one goes red quietly: Whether the effect is aristocratic or punk, its transformative power brings with it an undeniable drama that hasn't been lost on the fashion set. vogue us

Rihanna's New Viva Glam Campaign For MAC - Rihanna's just revealed the campaign for her second collaboration with MAC Cosmetics' Viva Glam (via Twitter, duh) and it's all green and slimey in the best way. If you've ever looked in the mirror and thought "this purple isn't purple enough!" or "my glitter doesn't have enough glitter in it," then this one's for you. oystermag

Charlotte Rampling is the new face of Nars - In a refreshing move, Nars has released an image from its newest campaign starring, not another under-20 model, but 68-year-old actor Charlotte Rampling. Françoise Nars, a film buff and Rampling fan, chose the actor for the campaign, which he has photographed himself. vogue au

How To Changing Your Eye Shape with Eyeshadow - One of the greatest qualities about makeup is its ability to transform your entire look. It allows you to be fierce when you’re usually demure. It can turn the biggest tom girl into a classic beauty. You can wear a completely different style than you typically would, giving you the ability to be more imaginative and reinvent yourself as often as you like. But one other transformative feature about makeup is its ability to correct or rather enhance a feature that doesn't thrill you. michelle phan

Choosing Backgrounds For Blog Photos - When it comes to blogging, and beauty blogging in particular, we know that a good photo can really catch the eye of readers - both old and new. The background often makes the snap, so here's a few tips for getting it right. nouvelle daily

The Ugly Truth About Shaving Your Underarms - Some of us get razors onto the armpit on a daily basis, with the rest of us underarm-shavers not lagging too far behind. Researchers at beauty brand Dove have found out the ugly truth about shaving our underarms, revealing that many women are blissfully unaware of the harm hair removal can cause and how to take care of the skin affected. the fashion spot

A Newbie's Guide to Meditation - The Beatles made it popular in the '60s and celebs like Oprah and Gwyneth Paltrow do it on the regular, but practicing meditation has some serious physical, emotional and spiritual benefits in addition to upping your hipster cred. Luckily, you don't have to travel to India or have your own television network to practice meditation. total beauty

grace coddington attending fashion week shows in new york photographed by young jun koo for the cut


  1. I love red colored hair...even if mine is a bigger up keep... :-)

  2. Ooh this list is fabulous! I've saved it to my favourites ready to check out come Sunday :) I'm particularly looking forward to reading Choosing Backgrounds for Blog Photos!

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  6. Great post- xa

  7. I love red color on the hair, you have made remind myself when I had it into a red color, lovely times.

  8. oh you just made me even more proud of being a redhead :D

  9. red hair is so beautiful! I wanted it for the longest time but it is too much work to keep it red! Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog, I’m following you on Bloglovin and G+, I hope you can follow me back to stay in touch.


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  11. Love that "choosing background for blog photos" by Nouvelle. Thanks for sharing these! - Stephanie

  12. Red hair sure is for those a little braver. I love seeing it on other people, but I'm really not brave enough for it.


  13. can't wait for Rihanna MAC collaboration


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