Weekend Reading: Weird Beauty Tips From Miss Piggy, Louboutin's New Must Have Nail Polish and More!

What Makeup Should You Probably Throw Away? - We’ve all had to Old Yeller some of our dearly beloved products. Like so many beautiful things in life, the swirling colors of your bronzer and bold pigments of your night-out smoky eye shadow fade with time and use. Mascara dries out, tinted moisturizer oxidizes, and you’re left with some Sophie’s choices — what do you throw out and what do you keep? intothegloss

Weird Beauty Tips From Miss Piggy and The Stars Of The 80’s - During the 70s and 80s, advice books by big (and not so big) celebrities were all the rage. Stars would share their life secrets for pretty much everything: health, love, career, fashion, and, of course, beauty. Some suggestions might be a little dated, and some downright weird, but we still want to know what these Me Decade stars did to maintain their beauty regimes. Check out some of best and most interesting tips, with a couple of product recommendations if you dare to try one out yourself! beautylish

A Celebrity Retoucher Tells All, and It's as Depressing as You'd Expect - In a revealing new interview over at xoVain, a celebrity retoucher explains many of the tricks of his Photoshop-heavy trade. As expected, he said there's a much greater expectation on his bosses' part that female celebrities be retouched, versus their male counterparts. "It's always "do more, do more, do more" to the women celebrities than the men," he said, adding that "male celebrities have actually told us that they don't want to be retouched at all" — a condition that's apparently respected. cosmopolitan

Christian Louboutin's New Must Have Nail Polish: Red Underside - Nail polish has been at the core of the Christian Louboutin brand since 1992, when the designer painted the sole of a prototype high heel red after watching his assistant paint her nails in the same shade, so it was only a matter of time before he launched his own polish line. And, as expected, last month's debut of 31 nail polishes — pop art brights, moody darks and classic nudes in obelisk-inspired bottles didn't disappoint, but it's the latest addition that really brings the brand's connection to fashion and beauty full circle. harpersbazaar

How to Feel Full After Eating a Salad (For Real) - The word “salad” brings to mind “healthy,” “diet,” and “what I wish I craved instead of deep dish pizza.” One word not on that list? “Filling.” Sure, we love the tangy crunch of a crisp kale salad or the light, buttery taste of romaine, but more often than not, salad is usually eaten as 1) a somewhat forced attempt at trying to be “healthy” or 2) an appetizer. Salad as a meal sounds good in theory, but usually leaves our stomachs growling a few hours afterwards (or like, immediately after). byrdie

Why You Absolutely NEED to Incorporate Avocado Oil into Your Beauty Regimen - Last year's much-hyped miracle product—coconut oil has some major competition this fall. While we still love the mega-healthy superfood, it's time to welcome a new essential oil into your beauty regimen: avocado. Not only does the fruit have some huge skin benefits when applied to the face and body, but it's great for healthy hair and can even be thrown into your morning shake. Yup, this amazingly inexpensive oil does it all—without breaking your babysitting savings. teenvogue

Does No-Odor Workout Gear Really Work? - The only possible reaction to the pile of soiled workout clothes left over from my summer-long quest to run the New York City marathon at a decent pace is a combination of awe and disgust. How could such a nice guy smell so bad? It’s easy, actually. But what if this particular corner of my bedroom were a different sort of place, I have to wonder, a world without sweat and stink? allure

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