Love Is In The Hair With Regroe

Valentine’s Day is a colorful and exciting occasion on February. It is a day full of gift-giving and candlelight dinners. But it wouldn’t be as romantic as you have planned would be it when your hair starts to fall and bald patches become noticeable. So, don’t allow hair problems become the highlight on the month of hearts. Because when you lose hair, you lose the confidence needed on your most romantic day.

MINOXIDIL REGROE, a safe and effective topical treatment to combat hair loss. Dr. Vinson B. Pineda, one of the Philippines’ top dermatologists, was among those who made extensive and critically acclaimed researches on the use of minoxidil against hair loss. Thus, Regroe – a breakthrough medicated haircare brand – came to be.

Minoxidil, a drug used initially to treat high blood pressure, was found to have side effects of treating alopecia or hair loss. It restores hair by increasing the size of blood vessels around the hair follicles. This process provides better oxygen and nutrition absorption. It then stimulates cells to divide and multiply to produce thicker and longer hair. Its last action is to suppress androgen – the main cause of baldness.

For years, dermatologists have proven Regroe’s curative and therapeutic abilities. Regroe is also medically approved by the US and Philippines’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA). To maintain a full head of hair, Regroe has three variants – ranging from 3 percent, 5 percent, and 6 percent – available to suit any condition of hair loss. Flaunt your longer, thicker hair and make your Valentine’s date extra special.

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