USGoBuy Package and Mail Forwarding Service

USGoBuy Package and Mail Forwarding Service Review
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Today I'm presenting UsGoBuy site to you. This site provides a package forwarding service that enables you to order and shop items from USA even when companies based there do not provide shipping outside the USA.

If you are interested how this kind of service works, keep reading because I will explain the basic things you need to know. Basically, this company provides their customers with package forwarding. By registering with USGoBuy, you will be able to shop from USA internationally by following five simple steps. It is a very practical and simple way of ordering items online that would otherwise be inaccessible.

The first step is registering with UsGoBuy. They will provide you with a unique USA mailing address. When you shop online and order products from Unites States, you will write this address at checkout. Naturally, you should use this address only for the purpose of shopping and ordering things. The shopping process will be the same as usual, not a tiny bit more complicated. The package will arrive at the address that you had written at the checkout, that is, it will arrive at USGoBuy warehouse. This is how the address forwarding that enables shipping from US works. USGoBuy will inform you via mail that your package has arrived. When you pay the shopping fee to this company, they will send you the package. This site provides you with a method to calculate the shipping cost in advance and that is by using a shipping cost calculator (see here).

So, if you enjoy online shopping, keep this in mind. This kind of service can make online shopping a lot easier. It does sound a lot more simple then how my friends usually do it and that is by asking friends from US to order it for them and then send it to them. This company has no membership or setup fee, no consolidating fee, no hidden fee or sale tax.

They do not charge a storage fee up to 90 days so you don't have to worry about the amount of time the package is there. If you're going away for a business trip or vacation, there will be no additional charge for the storage.

I hope I managed to explain this well enough but if you still have any questions, I suggest you check out their FAQ. You should be able to find answers to your questions there. When you register, you will get even get a free 10 dollars coupon. Thank you for reading.

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