Dior Backstage Pros Gift Set for Holiday 2015

Dior Backstage Pros Gift Set for Holiday 2015
AVAILABILITY: Now online at Sephora
PRICE: $150.50 (limited edition)

Inspired by tips and tricks from Dior's makeup artists, Backstage Pros are a range of universal products created to boost the radiance of your complexion and enhance your beauty looks in an instant. Explore this set’s beauty solutions in this set, featuring a curated assortment of must-haves for makeup artists for a radiant, complete beauty look.

The Diorshow Maximizer is a mascara base that gives lashes up to twice the volume, combing the immediate enhancing effect of mascara with the benefits of daily lash-care. It leaves lashes intensely curled, thickened, and lengthened, and primed to heighten the effect of mascara and optimize hold. An ultra-fine, precision brow pencil, the Diorshow Brow Styler is a retractable pencil that naturally fills in brows and helps shape with precision. Just brush brows upwards to widen the eyes, then apply with light pencil strokes to fill in brows—then blend it in with the brush. Then instantly boosts lip volume with the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer, a gloss with a collagen active that moisturizes lips and delivers an incredible, instant-volume effect for a high-shine finish, and plumped lips. Its mint-vanilla scent provides an even more addictive fresh sensation. Enriched with collagen, it’s formulated with a blend of hyaluronic and marine-based fillers that leave lips smooth, moisturized, and plump-looking day after day. Use it as a base to prime, smooth, and boost lip volume before adding lip color, or layer it over lipstick for a hint of shine and a plumping effect. Its foam applicator makes it easy to use and it creates foolproof, perfect volume.

Discover your natural flush of color with Dior Addict Lip Glow, a balm that enhances the lips and brings out their natural color. The universal balm reacts to the unique chemistry of each woman's lips to give them a natural flush of custom pink that suits her skintone. As if revived from within, lips are left looking fresh, full, and radiant. Infused with Color Reviver technology, the balm reacts to the moisture level of the lips, releasing its active ingredients to give lips a flush of their natural color. Its formula is enriched with wild mango and luffa cylindrical to protect and moisturize throughout the day. Wear it alone as a lip balm or primer, or pair it with a lipstick or Lip Maximizer for even more radiant results. Treat nails to an instant manicure effect, with Nail Glow, a brightening treatment, nail care enamel that creates the look of a French mani in just one coat. Its innovative formula instantly revives the natural color of the nail, boosting the pink on the nail bed and brightening the white tips. Apply one or two coats on bare nails for brighter, protected nails, day after day. A runway essential, the products in this collection instantly create a camera-ready result that stays looking flawless under the spotlights.

- 0.33 oz Diorshow Maximizer (full size)
- 0.33 oz Diorshow Brow Styler in 001 Universal Brown (full size)
- 0.20 oz Dior Addict Lip Maximizer in 001 Pink (full size)
- 0.12 oz Dior Addict Lip Glow in 001 Pink (full size)
- 0.33 oz Nail Glow (full size)

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