Urban Decay Pro Brushes Now at Sephora!

Great news, friends! Urban Decay's pro brushes line – which is both perfect for everyday and professional use – is now available at Sephora.

For this collection, Urban Decay worked with the pros to get their input, then carefully designed each brush for optimal results. Urban Decay’s pro-quality, cruelty-free brushes are easy on the eyes and the environment. The brushed gunmetal handles are made from recycled aluminum, and the super-soft, synthetic hair (made from recycled plastic bottles) mimics real hair — from the feel to the pickup and laydown.

Another amazing thing about these brushes is that its synthetic brush hair doesn’t hold on to bacteria the way porous animal hair can, so it’s easier to clean and more hygienic.

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Urban Decay Pro Brushes colelction

Contour Definition Brush, $32.00 - The Contour Definition Brush by Urban Decay is ideal for shadow and lowlight contouring. The precisely angled brush buffs out creams and blends powders to spotlight cheekbones and add definition at the jawline, nose, and chin.

Urban Decay Diffusing Blush Brush, $32.00 - Soft and angled, the Diffusing Blush Brush provides a diffused wash of color on the cheeks. It’s fluffy enough for softly blending out color, yet angled to sculpt the perfect cheekbones.

Urban Decay Diffusing Highlighter Brush, $32.00 - Create the perfect flush with the Diffusing Highlighter Brush by Urban Decay. Designed for a sheer highlight or popping strobe, this brush’s smaller shape allows for both a precise, controlled application and a diffused effect.

Urban Decay Essential Eye Tool, $15.00 - This Essential Eye Tool by Urban Decay has everything you need to highlight the eye are. It features three must-have tools in one: a brow brush, a spoolie, and a stainless-steel lash comb for precisely shaped brows and stand-out lashes.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Contour Brush, $22.00 – The Eyeshadow Contour Brush by Urban Decay is perfectly shaped and just the right size for clean definition in the crease. It features a handle that’s made from recycled aluminum, and achieves pro artist, eye shadow contouring results.

Urban Decay Flat Optical Blurring Brush, $32.00 – This makeup pro, Flat Optical Blurring Brush by Urban Decay is the ultimate combination of form and function. It blends and blurs foundation for a soft-focus, airbrushed look and provides fuller coverage than the Optical Blurring Brush.

Urban Decay Iconic Eyeshadow Brush, $24.00 – The Iconic Eyeshadow Brush by Urban Decay is the ultimate combination of form and function for applying eye shadow. Designed for applying and blending eye color, it’s the perfect eye brush for creating full-on, makeup pro shadow looks.

Urban Decay Moondust Brush, $24.00 – This dense, Moondust Brush by Urban Decay is designed to be used wet with Urban Decay’s Moondust shadows. Featuring a handle made from recycled aluminum, its super-soft, synthetic bristles pick up the most sparkle while reducing and eye shadow fallout.

Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush, $32.00 – This Optical Blurring Brush has a densely packed shape to distribute foundation evenly, buffing to a natural-looking, soft-focus, airbrushed finish. It’s also perfect for contouring, applying blush, or creating a blurred-out effect.

Urban Decay The Finger Brush, $26.00 – The Finger Brush by Urban Decay is the ultimate blend of form and function for concealer application. It allows for perfect, finger-like control and the blown-out, stippling effect of a brush.


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