How Tightening the Skin with Lasers Works

When laser skin treatments originally developed, there were concerns over safety, accuracy, and costs. On top of that, lasers for skincare were not as readily available as they are today. But the good news is that today's models are far more accurate, much safer, and far more common. They are also capable of performing a more diverse array of treatments than they used to. Among those treatments is laser skin tightening.

Skin becomes loose for a number of reasons, but they all boil down to cellular decay and degradation. In other words, most of us have healthy skin early on, but it loses its elasticity and healthy glow as we get older. Some of the biggest reasons for that are the things we expose our bodies to, such as smoking, drinking, too much sun, and chemicals. Another reason, which is the one laser treatments can help you fight back against, is that our bodies make less of the proteins like collagen that hold skin cells together when we get older.

You see, by heating up the skin cells, aesthetic laser tools are capable of jump starting production of collagen, and some of the other “building blocks” that make up healthy cells.

The Short and Long-Term Results of Laser Skin Tightening

The short term effects of laser skin tightening depend on the treatment that you have. Ablative lasers can treat the surface of your skin, as well as deep tissues. However, they aren't always the best for those with acne or other skin problems. Non-ablative lasers only impact the lower layers, but don't show results right away.

Also, the particular clinic you go to may recommend a rapid treatment plan or a gradual one, depending on their specialty and your skin's condition, as well as your concerns about side effects or recovery time. Ablative lasers can remove most of the surface layer of skin, which leaves the patient vulnerable to skin infections for a time after treatment. Non-ablative laser treatments are less uncomfortable and less invasive, in general.

Parts of Your Body You Can Treat with These Lasers

The fact is the area that most people want treated when wrinkles or skin sags develop. That also extends to the neck. That said, other areas can be treated as well, including the stomach, arms, and legs. So, don't assume that you aren't a candidate just because your wrinkles may not be on your face.

People Who Are Not Candidates for Skin Tightening with Lasers

It's important to note that those with severely sagging skin are not great candidates for this kind of procedure. Lasers are only meant to treat mild to moderate skin issues. If your wrinkles and sags are severe, you should seek surgical intervention instead. However, you may be able to use laser treatments to do some “touching up” after you recover from surgery.

People wanting an instant or inexpensive fix also should not have laser skin tightening done. Each laser treatment can be quite expensive, and sessions are usually made up of at least 5 separate appointments. However, if you have the money and patience, laser skin tightening might help you get rid of those annoying wrinkles over time. You just need to be prepared for the fact that you might not see same-day or next-day results.

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