Make Your Home Cozy With This Fab Advice

With all the stresses of our day to day live, our home is meant to be the place we can relax and unwind in. But it’s often hard to make it feel cozy; especially if you have just moved in! It can feel like a stranger's home rather than your own cute haunts. But it’s a must to make it feel like a cozy house. It’s especially important as we approach winter which is the perfect season for comfort and warmth! Therefore, here is some fab advice to make your home feel cozy so that you will never want to leave!

Get rid of all that clutter

You will be surprised that the clutter in your home could be the reason why it’s not giving off a cozy vibe! After all, clutter has been proven to make people feel more stressed in life. It can make your mind feel busy, and you will feel like you can’t relax. And the worst thing about clutter is that it builds up quickly. You put a couple of items on the floor and it soon turns into a heap of stuff! Therefore, it’s time to make your home a clutter-free environment. Clear away all the rubbish and find homes for items you want to keep. You might want to install more shelves to house your belongings. Or even buy some wooden boxes which you can fill with items and put underneath the bed. You will be surprised how peaceful and warm your home will feel once you have got rid of that clutter! In fact, you will love spending time in your clean home when you get back from work.

Make cushions your best friend

Adding some cushions to the chairs and sofas in your home is an easy way to add some cozy vibes to your property. After all, they often look bare without a fluffy cushion or two. And nothing is better than curling up against them at the end of a long day. Therefore, make cushions your best friend by dotting them around your home. Don’t be afraid to double up when it comes to cushions; it can add extra comfort and warmth to the room. Go for different patterns to bring some fun and color to your home! And pick out some vintage styles to add some shabby chic. Just look at actress Reese Witherspoon’s home to give you some ideas on how to make your haunts look cozy and homely. Just remember to wash cushions regularly so they stay looking fabulous in your home!

Go for warm colored paint

It’s easy to make a home feel cozy by choosing wisely when it comes to paint. After all, the color of a room can affect the way we feel. Therefore, if you want to feel relaxed in your home, you should go for warmer colors. Stick to oranges and red which are both soothing colors after a hard day at work. And as I discussed before, green is ideal as it’s a calming and restful color. If you want to go for black and white, stick to warm undertones to give the room some coziness. Whichever color you go for, you need to furnish the room in items that will match well. That way, the room will look fantastic, and it will balance everything out.

Give it some heat

To create a cozy home, you need to give it some warmth. After all, if you get back from work to a house that’s cold, it’s not going to ooze comfort and calmness. Therefore, you need to make sure you get your heating sorted. You can look online to find companies who will come out to fit a new boiler in your home. That way, you can keep your haunts warm when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Make sure you install a temperature gauge so that you can adjust the heating as necessary. That way, your home will feel cozy while you are getting ready for work, and when you get back in the evening.

Invest in a cozy bed

One of my favorite places in the world is my bed. After all, it’s where I manage to truly relax at the end of a hard day! And if you want to make your home look and feel cozy, the best place to start is the bed. You want a large mattress which makes the bed look more appealing. Then you need to add several pillows and cushions to help it look fantastic. Adding a blanket to the end will make it feel like the perfect place to relax at night! Creating a cozy bed will make your property feel like a home!

Add some lamps to your rooms

Adding plenty of warm lighting is a must if you want to make your home feel cozy. Avoid going for bright lights which tend to make the home feel depressing. And it can make you feel wide awake; you will head to bed and will struggle to switch off. As discussed on All Womens Talk, add some lamps to the room which can make it feel large and cozy at the same time. If you want ceiling lights, try and get a dimmer light switch fitted. That way, you can dim the lights to help you relax.

Install a large bath

There’s nothing better than a bubble bath after a stressful day at work. After all, you can relax and release all the stress of the day. Therefore, if you want to make your home cozy, you should go for a large bath. It will definitely draw envious responses from your guests when they see it in your bathroom. Remember to invest in some Aquabrass faucets, Drop-in sinks and luxury towels to display on the side of your tub. And let some natural light into the room through the window to set a warm atmosphere!

Add some familiarity

You will be surprised that familiarity and coziness often go hand in hand. After all, when something goes wrong, we long for a familiar face! Therefore, make your home a cozy haven by adding some old photos to your property. They will make you feel at ease in your home. Dot them around your house to bring a smile to your face on a daily basis. You could even add some old teddies to your bed. They will make you feel more at home in your property.

Purchase a fireplace

A fireplace is a must-have item for your home. After all, there’s nothing better than getting warm and cozy in front of a hot fire. Therefore, you should consider purchasing a fireplace for your living room. For some vintage glam, you could add a cast iron wood burner. It would also look fabulous in your master bedroom. If a modern look is more your thing, an electric fire would be a great addition to your home. Put it on when guests are coming over to create a warming atmosphere. And you can use it to get comfortable in front of the television in winter!

Add plenty of candles

I think candles are one of the best accents you can buy for your home. Not only do they look fantastic in the day to add some character to your room, but they also help your home come alive at night time. They add a special warmth that will help you to feel calm and relaxed. The heat from them also makes them ooze coziness. Therefore, buy some candles to put around your home to make it feel cozier. Just make sure you blow them out before you go to bed at night! So many house fires are down to candles being left on when people head to sleep!

Add some fur

One of my favorite things about winter is the return of my fluffy coat. I just love the fur which makes your neck feel cozy. So why not bring some fur to your home to give it a homely feel? You can get a beautiful faux fur rug which will look fantastic in your lounge. You could also add one by the bed; your feet will love you first thing in the morning. As discussed on Pop Sugar, the fuzzy material will make your home nice and toasty!

Choose comfortable furniture

And it’s not just accessories which can make your home feel cozy. You need to be careful with your choice of furniture too. As this article explains, some pieces of furniture might look fantastic in a room but are not comfortable to sit on. Therefore, make sure you sit on a piece of furniture before you buy it. That way, you can see if it’s ideal for curling up on at night time!

And if all fails, get yourself an adorable pet. There’s nothing like coming home to a furry friend you can cuddle up with on the sofa! A furry pal will definitely make your home feel like a cozy haven that you never want to leave.

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