How Much Does It Cost to Look Gorgeous?

Men often assume a beautiful woman is born that way, especially when she appears to be wearing very little makeup and her hair is artfully tousled. Sadly, nature rarely gives us perfect looks and in most cases, it takes a lot of work behind the scenes to perfect the ‘au naturel’ look.

The UK beauty industry is worth a staggering £17 billion and the average woman spends a whopping £140,000 on hair and makeup in her lifetime. The biggest spenders are women in the 45-54 age group. This group shells out £2,238 a year on beauty products, compared to just £1,759 in the 19-24 age group.

A Beauty Routine

Of course, it’s no secret that older women need to put more effort into their beauty routine. Menopause plays havoc with our hair, skin and body. Hair dries out, skin loses its elasticity, and various body parts begin to droop. The celebrity effect is also a big factor in the rising cost of looking gorgeous.

Every day, women are faced with unattainable visions of feminine beauty. Images of unfeasibly perfect women stare out from online news feeds, magazines, and social media feeds, and famous actresses and models in their 40s look as if they haven’t aged a bit in ten years. Is it any wonder that the average woman on the street spends so much on hair products, anti-aging creams and non-surgical cosmetic therapies?

Looking as Good as a Kardashian

Research carried out by a leading cosmetic surgery clinic in the UK found that it would cost more than £21k for an ordinary woman to look as good as Kim Kardashian. Kim looks flawless whenever she is seen in public, with barely a hair out of place. She claims not to have had many beauty treatments, but the reality is that celebrities like the Kardashians use every means at their disposal to look good for their adoring public.

Kylie Jenner is another good example of the ‘celeb effect’. It took quite a while before Kylie Jenner admitted she had had lip fillers. Since she confessed all, she has become the new poster girl for lip fillers. And that’s not all. The Kardashians routinely have Botox, cellulite treatments, laser hair removal, lipo, and a host of other – expensive – treatments.

Affordable Beauty Treatments

The average woman on the street can’t afford to spend thousands on beauty treatments. She has to reply on mainstream products available from online retailers and supermarket counters.

You may not have a Kardashian budget and a team of expensive stylists to ensure you look gorgeous when you leave home, but it is possible to save money on more expensive products if you use My Voucher Codes. Look online for special deals and vouchers for your favourite products. There are always bargains to be found if you are willing to put some effort in.

It’s important to remember that the images you see online are not representative of real women. They are airbrushed and primped to within an inch of their life; the rest of us don’t have that luxury!


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  4. I always laugh when men say they are attracted to the natural look and as an example the name drop a celebrity that has a ton of makeup on to achieve that "natural glow". If only they really knew hot much effort it takes to achieve that look.

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