NUDESTIX Nude(art)ist Box Creator's Palette

NUDESTIX Nude(art)ist Box Creator's Palette
A limited-edition set containing six custom created Magnetic Matte Lip shades by leading beauty and lifestyle social media gurus.

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Now online at Sephora; $59.00

Product Description

The Creator’s Palette features lip pencils in Nudestix’s ultra-hip Magnetic Matte Lip Color formula. Each was hand blended by leading beauty and lifestyle social media gurus in custom shades that reflect their personal style: @ssssamanthaa, @iamkareno, @lynettecenee, @saythelees, @cydbee, and @makeupbydg. This kit is all that you need to flaunt a perfect lip look.

The formula lasts like a tattoo with lightweight pigments that wear like a liquid lipstick, yet are easy to apply like a pencil. The multitasking three-in-one formula is a lip stain, lip color, and lip liner in one. It’s extra long-wearing, extra kiss-proof, extra transfer-proof, and extra pigmented for those looking for maximum lip performance and color intensity.

"I wanted to create Freckle to suit a larger range of skin tones - something dramatic and grungy on fairer skin, and a gorgeous everyday color for deeper skin tones. This shade is in my absolute favorite matte formula, something creamy and easy to apply that isn’t overly drying, but has insane staying power." — @ssssamanthaa, Beauty Influencer "Go Girl represents feeling confident in yourself, taking your power back, and letting your natural beauty take center stage." — @saythelees, Beauty Influencer

"I wanted something I could wear everyday but that still stood out. BABY K compliments any makeup look, but can still be worn on its own. This lip color is for the girl that doesn't want too much fuss but still wants to be different - an everyday color for the spunky girl." — @iamkareno, Beauty Influencer

"The Sonoran desert spans across Arizona where I am originally from, which is what inspired the name of my lip color, Sonoran. I wanted to create an everyday nude to match the color palette of the desert, but I added in gold flecks because there is nothing quite as magical like a sunset spilling over the stillness of the desert." — @lynettecenee, Beauty Influencer

"I created my color Montaigne because it's the perfect nude lip color to match any look in my favorite long lasting formula. It is the definition of an iconic nude." — @makeupbydg, Beauty Influencer

"I'm calling my lip color Joyce because my earliest memory of makeup is my mom wearing her favorite chocolate brown lipstick. I wanted to create a color that brings back those nostalgic feelings, and name it after my favorite person, my mom!" — @cydbee, Beauty Influencer

NUDESTIX Nude(art)ist Box Creator's Palette

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