How to Make Room for Romance

Although it’s something most people aspire to, finding a partner is not always easy. If you work or study full-time, then by the time you’ve fitted in your week’s work and all the essential daily tasks like cooking and cleaning, you might have very little time or energy left to think about getting out and socializing.

Some people find that anxiety and lack of confidence hold them back, so instead of going out and actively looking for someone special, they stay at home hoping romance will find them somehow. If you’d like to share your life with another person, but you aren’t making any progress, how can you make room for romance in your life?


It’s hard to interact successfully in social situations if you lack self-confidence. Not only will you struggle to strike up or maintain conversations, but even though you might not be aware of it your body language could be defensive, deterring people from approaching you. In contrast, people who are self-confident attract others to them, and self-confidence can be a very attractive trait – many people would list self-confidence as one of the sexiest qualities a prospective mate can have.

If you struggle with self-confidence, you can do a lot to help yourself. There are multiple resources online to help you improve your self-confidence, and if it’s an issue that’s affecting your whole life, it could be worth going for professional counseling. If you just feel a bit out of practice, or haven’t had much experience, you could give your confidence a boost by hiring an escort for an evening. You can book a partner online at websites such as, and enjoy the confidence boost of having an attractive companion on your arm.

Making time

The other key barrier to meeting new people is time. If you’re leading a busy life and can’t find the hours or the energy to do much socializing, remember, you can meet someone interesting anytime, anywhere – it doesn’t have to be at a nightclub when you’re all dressed up. There could be opportunities to engage with other people at work, at the sports club, on the train, or when you’re out shopping. You just need to be open to the possibilities and be willing to take an interest in the people around you, wherever you are.

If you think about it logically, saying you don’t have time to look for a date is pretty defeatist – after all, should the perfect man or woman miraculously drop out of the sky one day, you’ll have to find some time then to spend with them!

The desire to share your life – or at least a part of it – with another person is an almost universal human need. However, there’s some truth in the idea that looking too hard can be counter-productive. Sometimes all you need to do is stop trying so hard, and you’ll find this helps you relax, and avoids the hint of desperation that can be so off-putting. There’s someone out there for everyone, so if you miss the pleasures of having a partner, make some time in your life to find a new romance.


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