What are Photofacial Treatments

With so many new beauty treatments and procedures being introduced on a regular basis, it can be hard to keep track of what’s what, and what would offer you the kind of results that you’re seeking. Sure, it’s great to have options, but sometimes those options can feel a bit overwhelming. One beauty treatment you may want to take some time to explore and research further is photofacial treatments. This can be a perfect option for those looking to dip their toes into the world of cosmetic procedures and garner some fabulous results.

Here’s a look at what a photofacial treatment entails and how it could help you.

Photofacial 101 - Covering the Basics

To put it in simple terms, a photofacial is a treatment that can improve the texture and tone of your face. It can also address the color, which is great for those looking to reduce or eliminate hyperpigmentation, or dark spots. It can also help to reduce acne and even tighten the pores.

Photofacials are actually divided into two different types which are LED (light emitting diode) or IPL (intense pulsed light). The difference between the two methods is how the light is actually used. The way it works is that your sun will absorb the light that is being used on it, and then it becomes "damaged". The pigmentation it causes, or the melanin, then starts to break up, which reveals healthier, more even toned skin.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

Photofacial treatment tends to last anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. This will be dependent on the type of facial and the issues that it is addressing. The treatment can be done in a doctor's office or a medical spa.

What Can the Treatment Address?

As for what kind of issues a photofacial can address, this can include:
– Sun spots
– Age spots
– Freckles
– Sun damage (mild)
– Stretch marks
– Wrinkles
– Rosacea
Spider Veins
– Broken Capillaries

Obviously, the results will differ from person to person, and they will depend on how extensive the issue is that you are trying to address.

Does It Take More than One Visit?

You may also be wondering how many visits are needed before you see results. While you can certainly see results after the first treatment, in general, it takes between three and six visits before you have the maximum results. You will likely need to leave one month in between visits.

During the actual treatment, it is normal to feel a stinging sensation or very brief pain. The stinging can be described as the same sensation that you feel with sunburn.

What About After-Care?

Don't be surprised to find that results can be a bit slow, especially since you'll need more than just one treatment. Recovery time is usually fast though (less than a week), so it's important to follow the instructions given and then expect to make return visits for additional treatments.

If it’s a brighter, more even complexion you’re looking for, a photofacial could be the best option for you.