Finding Your Signature Jewellery Look

Ever wanted to be one of those women that always presents themselves with immaculate looking jewellery that really just tops off their whole aesthetic? It’s much easier than you think! What you wear has such a huge effect on your confidence, poise and self-image, and the right jewellery can really solidify this. It adds an extra touch of personality; you can go as bold or as subtle as your heart desires. Find your signature jewellery look to decorate yourself with and present the best version of yourself. Whilst these are some helpful tips and tricks to consider, there really are no set rules. Wear what you love and makes you feel good.

Metal Matching

Different skin tone and hair colours are accentuated by wearing different metals; you have to find what makes you shine the most. Usually, people with paler complexions tend to look better wearing silver or platinum as it matches the undertones of your skin better. If you have red or pink undertones, rose gold can accentuate them so it’s best to stay clear. Golds look best on people with darker skin tones or blonde hair; blonde and gold is definitely a brightening and complementary combination. Test out different metals against your complexion to find out which you should chose for your signature look.

Colour Palette

Much like choosing the right metal, finding a colour that works with your hair, eyes and skin tones is the next step if you are going for pieces with stones or charms. Rocking a pop of colour adds a sprinkle of individuality and personality to your signature jewellery look and can completely transform it. Choosing to wear the right colours on your daily jewellery look will make you glow with radiance and health. Again, this comes down to figuring out which colours make your skin tone shine.

Shapes and Lengths

Depending on the style and length of your hair, some earrings will look better than others. We change our hair on a regular basis, and you often find that after going for a dramatic chop and length change, certain earrings that you wore with your long waving locks just don’t quite work anymore. Obviously, jewellery comes in all shapes, sizes, and patterns; all you really have to do is pick your favourites. Maybe you’ll go for slick and simple, or you could be more of an extravagant stone kind of person. Pick your signature jewellery look around the styles and shapes that you are drawn too.

Upscale for Occasions

Having a daily signature jewellery look is empowering, but what about when you’re heading out to a special event or formal occasion? Do you wear the same things? If you’re getting dressed up to the nines, you want to switch up your daily jewellery look for bespoke pieces from Chapter 79. Upscaling your accessories whilst keeping with shapes and colours from your signature look will heighten your overall aesthetic when you’re heading out to somewhere special. Jewellery makes you feel powerful and expensive. Find the perfect signature look for you and wear it with pride and confidence.


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